New series: "De-juice"

We're excited to announce our new video series "De-Juice" in partnership with VSL#3, a leading poly-biotic food supplement.

Released every Thursday, starting 8th March, we will be learning about the hierarchy of evidence and attempting to break down four scientific papers for you in a couple of digestible minutes!

Covering studies on the benefits of probiotics and fiber to findings in IBS and the gut/brain axis, we'll tell you what the leading scientists have uncovered... in PLAIN ENGLISH! 

Part 1: 

The Gut Stuff Episodes

Delve Deeper

Gut Reactions

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There's lots of "Gut Health" products on crowded shelves from brands both big and small, and each have a story to tell. Here at The Gut Stuff  we want to unravel and re-tell  them so you'll know the full scoop and you can decide if it's the right product for you.

Disclaimer: We don't profile any products we haven't tried ourselves.

The Gut Stuff Program


Episode 01 : The Gut Stuff - An Introduction.

Episode 02 : Why Is The Gut So Important To Our Health? (feat. Tim Spector)

Episode 03 : Fermenting Vs Pickling. (feat. Nick Vadasz)

Episode 04 : How Does Gut Health Affect Our Immune System? (feat. Prof Danny Altmann)

Episode 05 : Cheese Is Good For Our Health? (feat. La Fromagerie)

Episode 06 : Can We Change Our Genes Through What We Eat? (feat. Dr Helen O'Neill)

Episode 07 : Should We Really Be Drinking Smoothies? (feat. Rude Health)

Episode 08 : Prebiotics & Probiotics. (feat. Dr Sandrine Claus)

Episode 09 : Bacteria Is Good For Us? (feat. Dr Trevor Lawley)

Episode 10 : Is Parkinsons Disease Linked To Gut Health? (feat Ray Chaudhuri)

Episode 11 : What is Big Data? (feat. Rob Finn)

Episode 12 : Series 1 Round Up.

Episode 13 : How Do The Bugs In Our Guts Shape our Immune System? (feat. Fiona Powrie)

Episode 14 : The Gut Stuff X Microbiome Conference.